Friday, March 16, 2012

Please help me donate a place to stay in Ecuador for a year working with at-risk and impoverished families!

Please help me donate a place to stay in Ecuador for a year working with at-risk and impoverished families!

My Story
Hello everyone! My name is Tania and I live in New York. I love helping people and I want to do something truly meaningful with my life. Though I have accumulated considerable debt in loans, I would like nothing more than to help the global community while empowering myself.

The Impact
I would like to donate my apartment in Guayaquil, Ecuador for a year. I have been in contact with local hospitals, and would like to help under-privileged families who spend the majority of their time in the hospitals helping their children or loved one heal and await results. These families do not have the luxury of having a place to stay, or even the luxury of taking a shower or a good night’s sleep. Families travel from cities from many hours away with the hope to save their loved ones life and in search of good medical care. They leave behind their work, family and lives in order to save a loved one’s life. Families have no place to sleep and shower let alone have a decent home cooked meal. There is no place to stay for free in Ecuador unless you have family or friends who are willing to take you in. Recovery may be a few days, weeks or even months. Many do not have the resources on getting their loved one back home for recovery. We lived through it and everything there is a financial burden when it comes to medical care.
By donating to maintain the apartment expenses, I will help these families and provide them with the basic necessities that are essential to their well-being. I want families to forget they are in a hospital at least for the night. I want families to have a place to rest and just minutes away from their sick child or loved one.
Can you imagine the burden they must go through to find a comfortable place to stay and shower? They travel from cities far away and long driving hours away from home. You must see it to believe it. My family did. I would like to help other families in need.
With your donation you will have the opportunity to stay and visit at the apartment and share the heart breaking stories these families have to tell. Two family members can stay in a room. There are three rooms in the apartment. Family members must bring their own belongings such as towels, blankets, pillows, and their personal things for their stay. The shared areas are the bathrooms, kitchen, balcony, living and dining room areas. It is like staying in a hotel but at the comfort of a home and using their own belongings all at no cost to them. Please lend a hand to these families and come witness and visit the local hospitals and see what their needs are. Health care is not a main priority for the citizens of Ecuador. Any small donation makes a big difference. Pictures of the families that stay will be posted. A place like this does not exist in this country. I greatly appreciate the opportunity any of you are willing to give. Thank you all for your support.

What We Need & What You Get
I would truly appreciate your donation to help bring me closer to the realization of my goal. Your donation will go towards the cost of hosting three families per month is ($333), the cost of hosting three families per day is ($11) the cost for utilities is approx ($15) per month, basic support (i.e. rent-$1000) as I will not have any means of income while providing this service as the donations will cover the basic rent costs. Any donations and help with promotion is very much appreciated :-) Thanks for your time and considerations!

Other Ways You Can Help
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